“A genuine artist, with a thoughtfully conceived and poetic interpretation.”

Sohn plays with a thrilling, personal, hall-filling sound that is also flexible, vocal, and immediate; he was born to play the piano. One can feel absolutely certain that Sohn is an artist, a man who will create life in music, find listeners, and reward them. – Boston Globe

Mr. Sohn illuminated here with a thoughtfully conceived and poetic interpretation, enhanced by tasteful ornamentation. Mr. Sohn’s crisp articulation rendered the fast, virtuosic numbers a delight, and he imbued the slower sections with an appealing intimacy. – New York Times

Sohn tosses off the fearsome technical challenges without breaking stride while at the same time elegantly colouring each mood. – Toronto star

These were deeply considered, tightly knit performances in which every bar seamlessly followed another and also filled its right place in the whole. It is virtually impossible to pick his interpretations apart, point to details, it all seemed consequent and inevitable…His performance stood out for its steady pace and progression, its splendid clarity and consistency of tone, and the elegance of the melodic lines. Playing a modern instrument in the same way he played the Webern and the Brahms, he was able, as I mentioned above, to do justice to modern technique and the Baroque origins of the music. Sohn’s approach was so free from mannerisms and so well integrated. In its rigor, elegance, and integrity, Minsoo Sohn’s interpretation is the most satisfying I have heard in recent years. – New York Arts